Mark Ricci
Mark Ricci
Position It depends on the moment
Earliest Memory Of The Village A small room behind the counter that was filled with old tables and chairs, barrells, spare tires, a coke machine, broken restaurant equipment, and just about anything else that had no home. During busy lunches, locals would make their way out back and eat standing or sitting on anything they could find.
Favorite Fish Cod cheeks
Beverage Of Choice 100% Kona Coffee (or, come to think of it, any coffee)
Favorite Indulgence Bi-weekly massage
Favorite Movie Good Will Hunting
Hobbies/Interests Doing my best to be a good husband and step-father, living a healty lifestyle-regular exercise and a clean diet, trying to keep it all in perspective (bicycles help greatly)
Turn-Ons Diane! My family; Humilty and Sincerity; Paradox and humor; Eastern philosophy/Western Freedom; Common sense/Unusual perspectives; creative people/common folk; a sense of free spirit/individual responsibility; investment cast lugs/meticulously welded frame-sets; copious amounts of horsepower/the power of the human mind; Palm trees
Turn-Offs Hubris; mind altering chemicals; intimidation for personal gain, beating the "system"; road rash; traffic; politics; (badly) managed healthcare; vinegar
What Is It About The Restaurant Business That Attracts You Public service, I know, it sounds like a crock, but I like making people happy
What Is The Most Difficult Or Least Enjoyable Part Of Your Job Having to travel a minimum of 5,000 miles to a remote island with no cell phone reception in order to enjoy a day off - not that being there is a bad thing
How Has The Industry Changed Since You First Began Legislation, litigation and liability: there is something very wrong when decisions have to be made not according to conscience but rather in response to legal precedence
If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone Living Or Deceased, Who Would It Be My father, who sadly passed away before I had an opportunity to get to know him the way I would have wished to
To What Do You Attribute The Popularity Of The Village Restuarant 10lbs of extremely fresh high quality ingredients, a handful of good cheer, a touch of fair price, 2 kilos of hard work and a boat load of good people
What Would You Be Doing If You Were Not In The Restaruant Business If the restaurant business were not to be an options, I likely would have gone back to school and by now be a burned out physician preaching the importance of lifestyle changes for long term good health and struggling to offer comprehensive healthcare from within a compromised system. So it is- everything works out for a reason. As far as the future is concerned, I could envision a small coffee shop in Essex upon retirement: the real deal, a non commercialized local gathering place with great coffee, good tunes, interesting artwork on the walls, and of course, a bike rack out front.....this town deserves it.